Clover Creek Preserve Caretaker's Cottage

Innovations Housing rebuilt and manages the Caretaker's Cottage at Redding's 128-acre Clover Creek Preserve. Low-income people rent the cottage at an affordable rate and perform caretaker duties at the preserve. The cottage was slated for demolition until Innovations Housing "recycled" it and moved it to the preserve. It was redesigned by architect James Theimer of Trilogy Architecture to demonstrate energy efficiency and sustainable building techniques. For example, Innovations Housing added a solar photovoltaic system that provides 80 percent of the cottage's energy needs. The cottage earned Innovations Housing the first Redding Electric Utility award for Earth Advantage Excellence in Green Building.

About Us

Innovations Housing is a non-governmental organization with the charitable purpose to protect and foster natural and human habitats for living, working and playing in Northern California and East Africa with a special focus on the needs of the economically disadvantaged.

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